shutterstock_111063590Our eyes come in all different sizes and it’s important to wear contact lenses that fit your eyes well. If the contacts are uncomfortable and bother your eyes it usually means they do not fit properly. Comfortable lenses are a must because using the wrong kind of lenses can even damage your eyes as well. Your eyes will feel different when adjusting to the use of contact lenses, but they should be comfortable after only a few minutes. The large majority of people prefer soft lenses over hard lenses. At Southern Utah Eye Care, our highly qualified optometrists will find a contact lens that fits your lifestyle and improves your vision without discomfort.

The diameter and curve of your cornea help determine the kind of lenses that will suit your needs. The curvature of your eye is measured with an instrument called a keratometer. Some contacts are more flat than others, and the lens should hug your eye and not slip down. The surface of your eye is not as smooth as it appears either. A mapping of the eye surface is called “corneal topography” and will be another factor in determining what contact lenses will work best. Your optometrist will also measure your iris and pupil using a biomicroscope (or slit lamp). This part of the fitting is especially important with the use of hard lenses.

People with eye conditions can still use contact lenses and should be fitted if they are interested in wearing them. An irregular shape of the eye is called an astigmatism, which sometimes leaves your vision blurred even with corrective lenses. However, astigmatisms can be treated with a special kind of contact lenses called “toric” lenses (hard or soft). Contacts are even made for bifocal lenses. People with dry eye often wear glasses as their eyes become too irritated with the use of contact lenses, but there are specific brands made for this condition as well.

Our patients normally try a few different brands once they have been fitted for contacts. Dr. Albrecht and Dr. Miller will provide you with options and encourage you to try different contacts to make sure you find a brand that is comfortable. After choosing the right brand, you will be given a contact lens prescription and schedule a follow up visit to ensure your eyes are healthy and reacting well to the use of contact lenses.

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